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Picture of Shimano Spheros SW A
Picture of Shimano Spheros SW A
Picture of Shimano Spheros SW A
Picture of Shimano Spheros SW A
Product available
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The Spheros SW is a remarkable balance between technology and price. Strong enough to handle all inshore and occasional offshore saltwater game fishing, with HAGANE Gearing and Body to match any challenge, the Spheros even has Shimano’s top X-Protect protection to ensure longevity.
Whilst the Spheros SW does have an impressive line up of features and technology, and will serve you well in the most demanding of situations, it isn’t a cheap alternative to a Stella or Twin Power! For inshore work and occasional more demanding offshore fishing, it’s a great low cost option, but for continuous extreme fishing, for massive tuna, GT, grouper or sharks, you will get better service from one of the higher cost models. That said, for travelling or holidaying anglers who want their own tropical set-up, the larger sizes are a great value for money choice.
The Spheros is a practical reel that punches well above its price. With an aluminium HAGANE Body this is a tough reel that means business. The HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP combination is even enhanced with InfinityDrive to deliver lots of torque and cranking power. And it has X-Protect (IPX8) water protection to keep water out of the important moving parts. However, the drag doesn’t quite pack the punch of its more expensive brothers, and there are a few less ball bearings placed around the construction. That said, for anything other than the largest, fastest, fearless game fish, Spheros is a great choice backed by Shimano’s high quality reputation.

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