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Product available
Picture of Beuchat Maxlux S - Tinted Glass Mask
Picture of Beuchat Maxlux S - Tinted Glass Mask
Picture of Beuchat Maxlux S - Tinted Glass Mask
Picture of Beuchat Maxlux S - Tinted Glass Mask
Product available
Thanks to its tinted glass, it improves underwater contrast as well as being versatile. It is perfectly suited to a variety of activities such as scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing and snorkelling.
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Explore the depths with the latest BEUCHAT innovation: the famous Maxlux S mask is now available with a tinted lens.

The Maxlux S mask offers a unique immersive experience that combines comfort, performance and style. Its innovative feature is coloured glass that improves contrast in the water, allowing you to discover the best the underwater world has to offer. Dive confidently into an exceptional aquatic adventure with Maxlux S - coloured glass.

Quality : 

  • Dive into the underwater world with a quality mask from BEUCHAT, a reference in the world of water sports equipment.
  • Its specific design reduces the internal volume to 127 cm3 compared with 137 cm3 for the Maxlux. The mask's volume is reduced, its weight lightened, its seal perfected and its robustness increased.

Better vision:

  • The reduced interior volume (127 m3) offers great luminosity for exploring the depths of the sea and a clear, panoramic field of vision upwards. 
  • Orange-tinted glass for better contrast in the water.


  • Unstrapped mask: Great comfort thanks to the micrometrically adjustable buckles fitted to the hypoallergenic silicone skirt moulded onto the lens.
  • The compact design of the skirt makes the mask fit all face shapes, including slim faces.



Type Single lens
Skirt Silicone
Skirt Width (mm) 120
Weight (gr) 185
Volume (cm3) 127
Standard CE certified - EN 250

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